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The Brief Quiz (No.4): How High is Your Impact IQ?

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Keep hope alive. Test your impact IQ. Take this week’s even briefer quiz.

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1) Storebrand, a Norwegian insurance and pension company, made a big splash with its most recent move. What was it?
  1. Divest from companies linked to the Dakota Access Pipeline, a controversial infrastructure project
  2. Move its portfolio to 100 percent ESG and impact
  3. Launch the world’s first inflation-linked minimum-guaranteed zero-carbon annuity product
  4. Dive in the pool
2) Why did Lux Capital raise $400 million dollars?
  1. To invest in LuxTech, a mix of tech and fashion solutions for the 0.1%
  2. To shed light on important issues (yes, this is a latin pun)
  3. To invest in startups that are inventing the future without destroying humanity
  4. To get to the other side
3) What is Venteny’s answer to high employee turnover in the Philippines?
  1. High base salaries, extended leave every third year, stock options and other seniority based incentives
  2. Free lunches
  3. There’s no such thing as a free lunch
  4. Work with employers to offer employee benefits like restaurant and fitness discounts as well as short-term loans and cash advances. 69 percent of adults in the Philippines don’t have a bank account
4) Why is Jean Case bullish on impact investing?
  1. Because of the growing influence of young people and women, the entrance of big institutions and an increasingly robust data ecosystem
  2. Because a recent study of the financial performance of impact private equity funds showed returns in line with market expectations
  3. Because it’s the only way to the other side
  4. If she wasn’t she wouldn’t tell us
5) Which Persian Gulf country wants to position itself as the next FinTech hub?
  1. Iran
  2. A new Peter Thiel sponsored artificial island off of Qatar
  3. Bahrain
  4. Is Oman technically a Persian Gulf Country?
6) Again, is Oman technically a Persian Gulf country?
  1. What’s that got to do with impact?
  2. It’s got everything to do with impact. Without knowledge there is no impact.
  3. You and your high horse
  4. Yes, through its exclave Musandam. (there: you learned a new word, and you might have found your next holiday destination)
7) What is Warren Buffett’s challenge to Donald Trump in his latest shareholder letter?
  1. He’s asking him to disclose his tax returns
  2. A tide of talented and ambitious immigrants drives American dynamism and should not be halted
  3. The Trump administration’s leaked infrastructure plan overlooks fly-over states
  4. The Sage of Omaha dissed Trump Steaks
8) The UK’s NEST pension fund allocated £130 million (US$162 million) to UBS’ Life Climate Aware World Equity fund. What exactly does this fund do?
  1. Invests in life science companies that offer organic carbon reduction solutions
  2. Underweights heavy carbon emitters
  3. Tries to make money for its investors (and for UBS)
  4. Tries to make sure journalists use its full name

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1:a, 2:c, 3:d, 4:a, 5:c, 6:d but and my deepest respect if you picked b, 7:b, 8:b, not d.

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