2030 Finance | November 11, 2019

That’s a wrap for Fish 2.0, after supporting 600 seafood innovators

Jessica Pothering
ImpactAlpha Editor

Jessica Pothering

ImpactAlpha, November 11 – Since 2013, the Fish 2.0 competition has been the go-to source for investors looking to drum up sustainable seafood opportunities. It wrapped up its fourth, and final, competition with 38 participating teams and six winners, which include: seafood cold-chain product maker Fortuna; alternative fish feed producer Montana Microbial Products; healthy hatchlings supplier Australian Crayfish Hatchery; wholesale seafood marketplace Yorso; blockchain-based supply chain traceability startup Wholechain; and robotics venture Aquaai, which makes a robotic fish to monitor fish farms.

Most of the ventures represented themes emerging in the sustainable seafood startup sector, like sustainable protein feeds, supply chain transparency, and online marketplaces improving connections between producers and buyers. In all, Fish 2.0 has supported 588 innovators from 40 countries through four bi-annual competitions.

Fish 2.0′s Call to Action for Seafood Entrepreneurs and Investors

Explaining to ImpactAlpha why 2019 was Fish 2.0’s last competition, founder Monica Jain said the competition had accomplished its mission.

“We set out to prove that sustainable innovation in the seafood sector could thrive and accelerate if entrepreneurs and investors were connected and supported,” she said. “I am truly happy to say that we have done just that.”