Beats | January 4, 2018

SV99 points to high-growth, high-impact Chinese investment opportunities

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Cross the world’s second-largest economy with global social and environmental goals and you may find high-growth, high-impact investment opportunities.

That’s what the Social Value 99, a list of publicly listed Chinese companies ranked by economic, social and environmental performance, is intended to showcase.

The China Alliance of Social Value Investment, a Shenzhen, China-based social finance nonprofit, built the assessment based on the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals and China’s five development principles — innovation, cooperation, green, openness and sharing — in collaboration with United Nations Social Impact Fund, Investment Association of China and 40 other domestic and international organizations.

Topping the list were the Chinese State Construction Engineering Corp., China Yangtze Power Co. and Zhejiang Chint Electrics Co. In an 18-month simulation, the SV 99 outperformed major Chinese stock market indices.