Agrifood Tech | January 4, 2018

SuperMeat raises $3 million for petri-dish poultry

The team at


The Israeli startup has a process for growing meat in a lab.

The cellular agriculture technology is part of a growing “alternative protein” market aimed at producing healthier and more sustainable products to meet the world’s demand for food.

SuperMeat’s seed round was backed by European poultry producer PHW and New Crop Capital and Stray Dog Capital, which focus on animal welfare. PHW’s CEO said the investment would strengthen its “vegan product portfolio.”

Investments by industry giants in alternative-meat startups is a growing trend: Cargill has backed Memphis Meats, which produces lab-grown protein, and Tyson Foods has funded plant-protein company Beyond Meat.

SuperMeat plans to market its lab-grown chicken within three years. Bonus question: Is lab-grown meat vegan?