acumen-fund | March 10, 2017

Silicon Valley leaders put $10 million into Learners Guild to boost tech diversity

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Women Rising

Silicon Valley leaders have put $10 million into Learners Guild to boost diversity in tech.

Kapor Capital, Obvious Ventures, Learn Capital and Acumen are backing Learners Guild’s low-cost engineering program as a way to bring more women and minorities into the tech sector.

Silicon Valley has been under the diversity microscope amid high-profile allegations of sexual harassment and discrimination (see, “Silicon Valley is deep in diversity debt”).

Learners Guild runs a 10-month, low-cost software engineering curriculum for student who can’t afford college; students need not repay Learners Guild until they get job paying $50,000 or more.

Investors are counting on the unmet demand for over 1.4 million software engineering jobs in the next four years.

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Photo credit: Learners Guild