Education Tech | February 10, 2017

Silicon Valley aims to democratize individualized education

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Venture capitalist Marc Andreessen predicts two kinds of jobs in the future: some people will tell computers what to do, others will be told what to do by computers.

The difference may be education that emphasizes individuality, a long-time privilege for affluent families, reports the Financial Times.

The Emerson Collective, backed by Laurene Powell Jobs, has invested in a low-income school in San Jose, where some high school students work one day a week at Cisco.

Priscilla Chan, half of the CZI Initiative with Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, started The Primary School in East Palo Alto to combine education and healthcare.

Philanthropic and investment dollars backing these initiatives are a drop in the $650 billion in U.S. spending on education each year.

Reaching the kids most in need of improved education may take longer than Silicon Valley is used to.

Photo credit: American School of Bombay