Blockchain/AI/IoT | March 24, 2018

SeamlessDocs raises $7.5M led by SJF Ventures

The team at


The company’s SeamlessGov tool is used by more than 300 US state and local governments to manage digital forms, online payments and workflow automation.

The company says 27 million citizens have submitted digital forms through SeamlessGov. SJF Ventures invested $4.5 million in SeamlessDoc’s Series C round and Motorola Solutions, Entrepreneur Roundtable Accelerator, NY State Innovation Ventures and CapRock also invested.

SJF’s Dan Geballe told ImpactAlpha that government tech is a growing area of interest for SJF. The cost savings from improved efficiency is one positive, he said, as is the reduction in paper. “Government efficiency is something we can all agree is important,” he said. “Also just the perception of government efficiency has positive consequences.”