Blockchain/AI/IoT | May 9, 2017

Schoolrunner raises seed funds to expand edtech from charter to district schools

The team at


Public schools are where 90 percent of the kids are.

“From both a mission perspective and a growth perspective that’s where we’ve got to be,” Schoolrunner’s Charlie Coglianese said in an interview.

The Denver-based edtech startup has raised $500,000 to promote its administrative software within public schools.

The company launched in 2012 with a package aimed at providing charter school teachers and administrators with an “alternative to using spreadsheets” for tracking student progress, including assignments, grades, attendance, and behavior.

Schoolrunner’s software package, which costs an average $10,000 per year, has been adopted by 73 schools in 11 states.

Schoolrunner raised its first $1.5 million in 2015 from venture capital firm Colorado Impact Fund, which also contributed to this round. After two years of profitability, the startup is back in the red as it seeks to expand its market.