Agrifood Tech | October 30, 2017

RSF Social Finance lends $1.6 million to organic sauerkraut producer

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Pickled cabbage is the newest– make that oldest– superfood. RSF made the loan to Whitethorne, a subsidiary of the nonprofit Hawthorne Valley Association, which sells ethically produced organic foods.

The capital will allow Whitethorne to move into a new production facility and expand sales of its sauerkraut and other foods in the northeastern U.S.

Funding came from RSF’s Food Systems Transformation Fund and its Biodynamics Capital Collaborative initiative.

The food-systems fund enables foundations to provide low-interest, program-related loans to RSF, which are then lent to ventures like Whitehorne. The Biodynamics Capital initiative aims to encourage “a holistic, ecological and ethical approach to farming, gardening, food and nutrition,” says RSF.