Conservation | July 8, 2017

Brief Quiz №22: Rockets, resilience and misplaced car keys

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This week a country tested a missile to ward off enemies and a global organization launched a bond to fight pandemics. What if they, like, switched? Don’t get distracted by nuclear war. Test your Impact IQ with this week’s Brief Quiz.

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1. IIX raised $8 million on the Singapore Stock Exchange. For what?

a. Sheer compliance: Meet Basel III’s stringent liquidity requirements.
b. Sheer prevention: for a missile defense system.
c. Sheer opportunity. There’s so much cash out there, no harm in taking it. We’ll figure it out later.
d. For a women’s livelihood bond.

2. What did Lok Capital return to investors?

a. $65 million it was unable to deploy.
b. Lost car keys found in parking lot at limited-partner day.
c. 65% IRR.
d. $65 million in principal from its second fund, after four exits.

3. In two or three decades, how will most American babies be made?

a. Uh oh. Awkward.
b. The old-fashioned way.
c. Using drones. Don’t ask.
d. By selecting embryos from a DNA lab.

4. What have we learned about Brazilian impact investors?

a. They can be from Brazil.
b. Which means they are sometimes not from Brazil.
c. Although let’s not exclude any possibility.
d. They are resilient and optimistic, just like you if you’re still reading.

5. The World Bank launched a bond! To do what?

a. See how far it would go.
b. Flex its muscle and demonstrate it could.
c. Finance green stuff. It’s getting repetitive…
d. To fight infectious disease pandemics (are you following?)

6. What’s the latest idea for SDG №14, ocean conservation?

a. Give up. It’s too late.
b. Expand definition of oceans to increase political perceptions of success.
c. Aerial spraying of Pepcid-like substance to decrease acidity.
d. A Hippocratic Oath.

7. Who’s meeting in Chicago this coming week?

a. Trump and Putin.
b. Ness and Capone.
c. The Sisterhood of Chicago-Style Deep-Pan Pizza Lovers.
d. The Global Steering Group of 16 countries with national advisory boards for impact investing.

8. Big news in Switzerland! what is it?

a. They’re finally joining the EU.
b. The motorway vignette will now come in a range of pastel colors.
c. Climate change means lengthened ski seasons.
d. Swiss Re is completing the switch of $130 billion to ESG benchmarks.

This Brief Quiz is over. You may now resume your reading of scary and cynical news about frequently disgusting behavior. Until next week.

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All answers: d