Blockchain/AI/IoT | September 20, 2017

Rise Fund invests in Dharma to simplify data management during crises

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TPG Growth’s Rise Fund has invested Washington D.C.-based Dharma to simplify data management during crises. The data platform is already used by responders to medical crises in Iraq, hurricanes Harvey and Irma, and the humanitarian disaster in Syria.

Dharma’s software-as-a-service technology simplifies the real-time collection, management, analysis, and visualization of data. The platform, “revolutionizes the way humanitarian and public sector organizations respond to areas of conflict, disaster relief, and infectious disease outbreaks,” says Larry Brilliant, former head, who recently joined Dharma’s board.

The $14.2 million investment (according to an SEC filing) marks the fourth for TPG Growth’s Rise Fund, which has also backed edtech firm EverFi, Indian dairy company Dodla Dairy, household smart-device maker Brava.

Rise Fund’s Bill McGlashan said mobile technology, data and analytics have the power to transform frontline efforts not only at humanitarian organizations but also in “healthcare, education, water and sanitation, and related supply chains.”