2030 Finance | October 19, 2017

Presidential leadership to mobilize finance for climate action — from France

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French President Emmanuel Macron is doing his U.S. counterpart one better with a campaign to Make Our Planet Great Again. For the second anniversary of the global climate agreement reached in Paris, Macron is convening a global Climate Summit on December 12.

Make Our Planet Great Again is more than a slogan: Business France has developed an online tool to guide entrepreneurs, researchers, NGOs and “all responsible citizens” through French administrative procedures.

In an editorial, President Macron says he supports the recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosure and is hopeful the European Union will adopt comprehensive recommendations for sustainable finance.

He suggests France’s own policy framework as a model, specifically a law that requires institutional investors to report annually how their portfolios address climate change and support the clean energy transition (check out this handy guide from the U.N. Principles for Responsible Investment).

Macron likes green bonds (France issued a big one) and green financial centers, especially if they’re in Paris.

Macron’s Climate Summit will follow a Climate Finance Day on Dec. 11.