Beats | May 9, 2017

Making social progress to restore trust. Restoring trust to make social progress.

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The Global Philanthropy Forum jumped its usual schedule of two convenings in Silicon Valley followed by one in Washington, D.C., in order to meet in the U.S. capitol in the early days of the new administration.

Last month’s conference was organized around trust, “the societal glue that holds us together to be able to solve large problems together,” as the forum’s founder and CEO Jane Wales put it.

The quick-cut day one, day two and day three wrap-ups have insightful nuggets, and the deeper dives into early-childhood success (moderated by Peter Laugharn of the Hilton Foundation) and criminal justice reform (led by Adam Foss, a prosecutor in the district attorney’s office in Boston) are worth a longer look.

“Not everything has to fall victim to hyperpartisanship,” Wales told ImpactAlpha.

Early childhood development and criminal-justice reform “are two examples where cross-sector collaboration can lead to outcomes, reminding us that our democracy can work.”