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Communication and Strategic Alliances Department – Promotora Social México

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About us

  • Promotora Social México (PSM) is a Risk Philanthropy organization that promotes initiatives by social entrepreneurs that are aimed at improving the quality of life of the least advantaged people in society.
  • We participate in the sectors of: education, health, economic development and early childhood development.
  • Our philosophy and mystique are based on the fact that the person is our reason for being; We consider that dignity is linked to the intrinsic value of the person and their existence, which is why we put it at the center of our work.
  • We recognize and promote the dignity and integral development of each person, with a deep sense of transcendence, promoting their talents and offering opportunities for each person to contribute the best of themselves and build the common good in their environment and through this improve quality. of life of more people


Our impact

We have reached 2,380,548 people through our projects and initiatives.
We change the lives of less fortunate people through a collaborative approach


Purpose of the position

The main objective of the Marketing and Communications Department is to lead strategies and actions aimed at promoting the organization’s social impact mission, as well as strengthening the visibility and reputation of the brand through marketing, communication and events activities. Develop and maintain strategic alliances and serve as spokesperson for the organization when necessary.


Main Responsibilities
Development of Marketing Strategies: 

  • Develop and implement a positioning strategy that improves the perception and visibility of PSM as a leader in the social impact sector and that promotes the organization’s services and initiatives.
  • Identify market opportunities and segmentation to effectively reach target audiences and increase reach and engagement.
  • Identify, establish and maintain strategic relationships with key organizations, companies and leaders in the field of impact investing and social investment.
  • Identify market opportunities and segmentation to effectively reach target audiences and increase reach and engagement.


External Communications Management:

  • Direct the organization’s external communication strategy, including relations with the media, social networks, website and other communication channels.
  • Guarantee the transparency of information and strengthen accountability to promote trust and commitment with our stakeholders
  • Develop attractive and relevant content to promote the visibility of the organization and its social impact initiatives.

Events and Brand Activations:

  • Plan and coordinate events and brand activations that increase public awareness and participation in the organization’s activities.
  • Organize fundraising events, conferences, trade shows and other activities that support social impact goals and strengthen relationships with stakeholders.


Development and management of Strategic Alliances:

  • Identify and establish strategic collaborations with organizations, companies and opinion leaders that share the organization’s values ​​and social impact objectives.
  • Negotiate sponsorship agreements, collaborations and alliances that expand the reach and influence of the organization.


Analysis and evaluation of results:

  • Conduct periodic performance analyzes and evaluate the effectiveness of marketing, communication and events strategies and actions
  • Use data and metrics to optimize activities and continually improve the impact and effectiveness of the organization’s initiatives

Requirements and skills to work with us

We are looking for a profile that takes full responsibility for the process, with the capacity for relationships and learning, leadership and alliance development.


  • Bachelor’s or postgraduate degree in Marketing, Communication, Advertising, Public Relations or related fields.
  • Certifications or complementary studies in marketing, corporate communication, public relations.


  • 7-10 years of minimum experience in leadership and management positions in marketing and/or communications, public relations or related areas. Preferably in organizations in the social or business sector, with a focus on social responsibility, social impact and sustainability.
  • Demonstrated experience in developing and implementing marketing and communication strategies with measurable results. Knowledge and experience in the use of modern marketing and communication tools and technologies.
  • Extensive knowledge of sustainable development issues, corporate social responsibility and trends in the field of social impact.
  • Experience in recruiting and leading multidisciplinary teams at the executive and managerial level with a culture of growth, learning and professional development approach.


To do this, we understand that technical knowledge and experience are essential, but also:

Knowledge and skills

  • Strategic Marketing: Solid understanding of fundamental marketing principles, including market segmentation, brand positioning, product development and pricing strategies.
  • Corporate Communication: In-depth knowledge of corporate communication practices, including media relations, crisis management, internal and external communications.
  • Public Relations: Experience in developing and implementing public relations strategies to increase brand visibility, improve reputation, and manage public relations crises.
  • Digital Marketing Technologies: Familiarity with digital tools and platforms such as social media, SEO, SEM, email marketing, content marketing and web analytics.
  • Data Analysis: Experience in interpreting and analyzing data to
    make informed decisions and optimize marketing and communication strategies.


  • Excellent communication skills: oral and written, ability to
    synthesize and ability to convey the social impact of the organization
    clearly and effectively.
  • Public speaking skills.
  • Effective leadership of multidisciplinary teams and foster a culture of
  • Time management and organization.
  • Ability to connect points and ideas. Curiosity and self-learning
    are essential. Willingness to dare and explore.
  • Strategic, analytical and critical thinking and ability to identify
    opportunities for innovation and continuous improvement.
  • Attention to detail with good judgment and aesthetic taste.
  • Ability to establish strong relationships with internal and external stakeholders .
  • Ability to work in dynamic and sometimes ambiguous environments, self-management, problem solving.
  • Proactivity; do and solve things. Work in a collaborative environment, with high
  • ability to relate to others.
    Self-motivation, without fear of getting your hands dirty and leaving your comfort zone.
  • Help internal customers translate challenges and questions into opportunities.
  • Decision making.
  • Budget management
  • Negotiation skills.

Profile of our work team
Our values:

COMMITMENT : Contribute effort with passion, responsibility and conviction to the organization’s sense of purpose.

INNOVATION : Search and articulate new solution models that transform the lives of less fortunate people.

SYNERGY : Add talents and build bridges of collaboration to maximize the impact in favor of the common good of society.

INTEGRITY : Thinking, speaking and acting consistently with universal ethical values.

SERVICE : Giving to others with generosity, charity, empathy and a genuine interest in the person.

VULNERABILITY : Live, work and relate with a clear awareness of our strengths and limitations, being receptive about our performance, being willing to ask for help and be assisted.

Key interests to work with us

  • Impact Investment
  • Education
  • Economic development
  • Health
  • Early Childhood Development
  • Social Entrepreneurship

To apply for this job please visit jobs.matteria.co.