Beats | December 9, 2017

Jewish-lens investors ask, “Why impact?”

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As interest in impact investing grows, faith-based communities are recognizing its power to advance their values.

JLens Investor Network hosted its first summit at Fordham University in New York this week, bringing together rabbis, investors, philanthropists and other institutional leaders.

“It’s not new,” said Rebecca Trobe, an impact-investing consultant. “It’s a reorientation to something old and timeless.” The simpler question Trobe poses is: “What is investing about and why do we do it at all?”

This turned conversations to the power of shareholder advocacy, taking a stance on Israel and countering boycotts, divestments and sanctions, multifaith collaboration and the Sustainable Development Goals (See, “Turning Israeli technology toward sustainable development”).

Threading through the conversations was the question: How to engage the next generation in impact investing with Jewish values?