Conservation | March 17, 2017

JanaJal expands Indian network of ‘water ATMs’ with $5 million from Tricolor Cleantech

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JanaJal will expand its Indian network of ‘water ATMs’ with a $5 million investment from Tricolor Cleantech.

JanaJal launched its low-cost water ATMs in 2013 in train stations and other public spaces to allow people to buy water with cash or top-up cards.

The ATMs, which can dispense up to 20 liters, are now in five Indian states. Tricolor, based in Raleigh, N.C., is committing $5 million to JanaJal over the next several years to expand the ATM network, which is anchored by a contract to install 39 water points in Mumbai train stations.

The ATMs are managed remotely via mobile data communication. At least 76 million people in India, or five percent of the population, don’t have access to safe drinking water.

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