Africa | April 8, 2017

Inspirafarms raises $1.75 million to stem food waste on small farms

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Inspirafarms has raised $1.75 million to stem food waste on small farms.

The startup, based in Sevenoaks, U.K., designs and manufactures cold-storage and food-processing equipment that is modular and can work off-grid to help small agribusinesses reduce post-harvest losses due to pests, heat and exposure to the elements.

With the equipment, a small-scale farming operation can “diversify its business and income, create jobs and get a foothold in the global supply chain,” says Dr. Michele Bruni, InspiraFarms technical director.

The funding will help the company expand operations and extend interest-free financing for its technology to farmers and dairies in East Africa and Central America.

A slew of agriculture, off-grid energy and impact investors joined the Series A round, including Fort Collins-based Factor(e) Ventures, PYMWYMIC and the Doen Foundation in Amsterdam, Paris-based Energy Access Ventures, the Montpelier Foundation in London.