Dealflow | April 12, 2016

ImpactAlpha’s Newsletter: Big Cool Ideas

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There are only a handful of ways for investors to find genuine “alpha.” Breakthrough innovation. Mispriced assets. Superior financial architecture. And, of course, significant social and environmental benefits.

Impact investing works all those angles, which is why this “niche” is increasingly interesting to mainstream investors looking for edge. As Todd Morley, co-founder of i(x) Investments, told me recently, “There’s a major rotation around the world toward impact investment.”

Sophisticated investors may have technical ways to spot alpha. My journalistic nose is less scientific. At ImpactAlpha, we try to sniff out cool big ideas that unlock solutions to major challenges.

I introduce a few of them in our latest newsletter, along with new featuers like our #Dealflow roundups and Returns on Investment podcasts. If you haven’t already signed up to get ImpactAlpha news direct to your in-box, you can sign up on our home page.