Clean Energy | March 24, 2018

IFC and Amundi raise $1.4 billion to buy emerging markets green bonds

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The fund will invest in green bonds issued by emerging market financial institutions.

Mexico and India are among the top 10 green bond issuers, but activity in other emerging markets is low. France, the US and China account for most of the $155.5 billion total green bond issues through December 2017.

The fund, now called Amundi Planet–Emerging Green One fund, launched last year and has raised $1.4 billion, including almost $425 million from the IFC, European Investment Bank and European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD).

Financial News reports that 16 institutional investors have committed to the fund, including pension funds and insurance companies.

“Overall, the mix is about 80% private money, 20% public,” Amundi’s Jean-Jacques Barbéris says.