dfid | April 7, 2017

IDEO wants to increase opportunities for people living with disabilities

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About a billion people around the world live with disabilities, and a disproportionate number live in poverty. They also face limited access to health, education, livelihood opportunities, fair wages, and support.

Some of these areas have seen progress — even some breakthrough innovations. Although disability shows up in multiple Sustainable Development Goals, too few resources and investments are made to allow people living with them to live independently and without stigma.

OpenIDEO, formed by the design firm IDEO to crowdsource global innovations, has partnered with the U.K. Department for International Development to make disability and inclusion one of its Amplify challenges. The challenge is calling for solutions (by April 23!) to improve the livelihoods, health, dignity, and independence of people with disabilities.

Winning ideas will share in a $500,000 prize and receive technical support.

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Photo credit: OpenIDEO