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How do we reach sustainable energy for all? Take the Brief Quiz #11

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This week humans prepared to celebrate earth day and tech companies embraced virtual reality. You can’t make this up. Test your Impact IQ. Take the Brief Quiz #11.

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1. The Scottish Government launched a three year social enterprise action plan. What’s one of the goals?

a. Maintain the strongest possible relationship with European partners (because Brexit).
b. Make Glasgow Great Again.
c. Make it to 2020 in one piece.
d. Complete the plan in two years to demonstrate over-performance.

2. The Media Development Investment Fund didn’t name one of four embattled media organizations it recently loaned money to. Why?

a. They couldn’t remember.
b. It was kind of embarrassing.
c. There were reasons not to.
d. For security reasons. Wake up people!

3. Danone bought WhiteWave. What’s special about the new combined entity?

a. It plans to lose money for the next five years, and shareholders were ok with it because the future is organic.
b. It will become one of the world’s largest public benefit corporations.
c. It’s been renamed GreenWave, signalling a move away from dairy products.
d. It’s just an inversion play. Danone’s betting on successful tax reform in the U.S.

4. Name three keys to reaching the goal of sustainable energy for all:

a. Getting a strong project manager, doing away with useless meetings – and clarifying the timeline.
b. Dramatically cheaper renewable energy, supportive policy – and mobile phones.
c. Hoping, praying – and procrastinating.
d. High carbon taxes, avoiding nuclear confrontation – and, in this day and age, a solid sense of humor.

5. What can spark a renaissance in meaningful jobs?

a. The end of bullshit jobs.
b. A massive failure of global water infrastructure. Start working out!
c. Millennials lowering their expectations about life.
d. With robots looming, will there be any jobs anyways?

6. A Swedish company called BIMA raised a $38.4 million C Round for what?

a. Affordable furniture for all.
b. Mobile-delivered micro-insurance services in Asia, Africa and Latin America.
c. Unaffordable insurance services with tons of fine print in Europe.
d. Bima there, Dona that.

7. What did Asia IIX’s Impact Partner Platform recently close?

a. The window, it was a bit chilly.
b. Your eyes, let me tell you all the reasons why.
c. Its doors to excessively demanding investors.
d. Its first debt raise, for a Hong Kong baby health startup.

8. The United Nations launched the SDG finance lab. Why?

a. To spark a global conversation on mobilizing global private capital for the SDGs.
b. A public private clean and health infrastructure investments matchmaking platform.
c. So U.N. staff can learn about capital markets.
d. Because Lab sounds way cooler than Meeting or Workshop.

9. Complete the quote: “Trump can no more stop the energy transition than a U.S. president could…”

a. Pass successful healthcare reform.
b. Enjoy broad bi-partisan support.
c. Stop the transition from steam engines to the automobile.
d. Wait, but isn’t he the U.S. President?

Ok folks. It’s not all rosy but look toward the solutions. Work on them. Invest in them. Keep up the Impact IQ. Remember to vote when it’s your turn. See you next week!

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Answers: 1a, 2d, 3b, 4b, 5a, 6b, 7d, 8a, 9c

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