Beats | August 11, 2017

Growing interest in sustainable investing is turning into action

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Growing interest in sustainable investing is turning into action.

The trend is especially pronounced among Millennial investors, according to a new survey from the Morgan Stanley Institute for Sustainable Investing. In the survey, “Sustainability Signals,” 86% of active Millennial investors expressed interest in the field, while six of 10 investors in that group say they’ve made at least one sustainable investment in the last year.

In the survey, which takes stock of the attitudes, perceptions and behaviors of a 1,000 individual investors towards sustainable investing, three out of four said they’re interested in sustainable investing, a slight increase from Morgan Stanley’s 2015 poll. “Consumers and investors alike are now more than ever factoring sustainability issues into their investment decisions,” said Morgan Stanley’s Audrey Choi. Here are few other “sustainability signals” ImpactAlpha has been tracking: