Smallholder Agriculture | April 27, 2022

Ghanaian agtech venture Farmerline raises $12.9 million to help small farmers improve yields

Dennis Price
ImpactAlpha Editor

Dennis Price

ImpactAlpha, Apr. 27 – Farmerline’s marketplace helps smallholder farmers build climate resilience with digital tools, logistics, field agents, farm resources and agribusiness partnerships.

On the other side, Farmline’s platform gives global food traders and manufacturers supply-chain intelligence to forecast fertilizer demand, trace products, and score credit for lending.

The company will expand with $6.4 million in equity financing, led by Acumen Resilient Agriculture Fund and FMO, the Dutch development bank, and $6.5 million in debt from DEG, Rabobank, Ceniarth, Rippleworks, Mulago Foundation, Whole Planet Foundation, the Netri Foundation and Kiva.

Psst… ImpactAlpha first covered Farmerline back in 2013.

Climate change is spurring innovation in financing for smallholder farmers. Nairobi-based Apollo Agriculture last month raised $40 million and Abuja, Nigeria-based ThriveAgricraised $56.4 million to boost the productivity and incomes of African farmers. In 2020, One Acre Fund secured $20 million in debt to expand its bundle of farm services.