Agrifood Tech | November 26, 2018

Germany’s Katjesgreenfood backs sustainable food company Wild Friends

Jessica Pothering
ImpactAlpha Editor

Jessica Pothering

ImpactAlpha, November 25 – Wild Friends is a sustainable, palm oil-free nut-butter company in the U.S. The female-run company sources its ingredients from U.S. farmers and sells its products in retailers across the country.

Berlin-based impact investor Katjesgreenfood, a subsidiary of German confectionery company Katjes, led Wild Friends’ $4 million equity round, citing U.S. companies as the biggest opportunity for sustainable food investments.

“We launched in the U.S. market because in terms of ‘future food’ and investments, the U.S. is usually three years ahead,” Katjesgreenfood’s Manon Sarah Littek told Forbes.

The investment firm focuses on sustainable, vegetarian food companies. In addition to Wild Friends, Katjesgreenfood has seven companies in its portfolio, according to its website. Half of its portfolio is comprised of U.S.-based companies, including New York-based vegan butter company Fora, celebrity Sarah Michelle Gellar’s organic baking company Foodstirs, and Minneapolis-based cereal company Seven Sundays.

Katjesgreenfood also looks to invest in companies with female founders. Fifty-percent of its portfolio is women-led. Littek speculates the number of female founders in sustainable foods stems from the purpose-driven nature of the sector.