2030 Finance | April 28, 2017

GeNNex will train Kenyan slum residents to build solar lamps

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The London-based company plans to open a manufacturing plant in Kenya and a training program in Kibera, Nairobi’s largest slum. The goal: train workers to build and maintain the company’s lamps and chargers.

GeNNex hopes to expand to Eldoret, Narok, and Nakuru as well. The company is moving to deepen its social impact beyond product sales. “A huge focus of our work is on empowering communities,” said Nathaniel Peat, a GeNNex co-founder, who said the training program will help “create a workforce that supports commercial sales, while providing education, learning and jobs.”

Adoption of off-grid solar products helped boost Kenya’s electricity-access rate from 27 percent in 2013 to 60 percent last year.

Prices have dropped and quality has increased, but very few small-scale solar devices are made in Africa. Most are manufactured and imported from China.

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Photo credit: GeNNex