Blockchain/AI/IoT | July 29, 2017

From Rwanda to Cancun via Peterborough: The Brief Quiz №25 is all over the map

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This week we learned that the US military spends $41.6 million a year on Viagra. Let’s leave it at that. Take the Brief Quiz №25.

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1. What did we learn about the world’s first social impact bond in Peterborough?

a. Technically, it was never a bond.
b. Renaissance historians claimed it wasn’t really the first.
c. It succeeded in breaking the cycle of recidivism.
d. It helped cut carbon emissions and air pollution in Peterborough.

2. What the hell is a Private Sector Window?

a. Second on the left down the hall.
b. A client for a brand strategist.
c. A new Microsoft operating system for businesses.
d. The unglamorous name for a $2.5 billion blended finance facility by the World Bank and partners.

3. What is Jack Ma doing in Rwanda?

a. Visiting relatives.
b. Launching his Africa Young Entrepreneurs Fund.
c. Building an East-West digital highway.
d. Hiding from the forty thieves.

4. What did the MesoAmerican Reef in Cancun coast just get?

a. A complete makeover feature for Shark Week.
b. A visit from Jack Ma.
c. An insurance policy against hurricanes.
d. An overwhelming majority vote in favor of Spring-Breaxit in a much-anticipated referendum.

5. What does the China State Council plan to own by 2030?

a. An office in Pyongyang.
b. A complete fleet of electric cars.
c. 25% of Alibaba stock.
d. The artificial intelligence market (in order to lay the foundation for China’s economic dominance).

6. What is the World Economic Forum saying about blockchain?

a. that it’s so boring.
b. that it will disrupt property markets in major cities by shining a light on international money laundering.
c. that 10% of global GDP could be stored on such technology by 2027.
d. that the technology is under attack by a “Block the Blockchain” chain-letter making the rounds on email.

7. What are major US robo-advisors getting into?

a. Blockchain.
b. Socially responsible investing (hey, you’re not reading Town & Country).
c. Robo-avatars to boost client confidence.
d. The Canadian market, before NAFTA gets thrown out the window.

8. What is bound to fuel affordability of electric cars?

a. Government regulation and more subsidies.
b. Not needed, rising demand will broaden the market.
c. No way, it’s not a done deal, we need blended capital.
d. Much cheaper batteries.

9. What’s driving venture capitalists’ passion for indoor farming?

a. Tulips–they’re making a speculative comeback.
b. Low labor costs, lack of pesticides, high productivity and proximity to consumers.
c. Silicon Valley’s latest fashionable zen guru proclaims that “greed is good, kale is better.”
d. Nah, no kale. Just good ol’ greed.

Have a great weekend. Eat your veggies.

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Answers: 1.c, 2.d, 3.b, 4.c, 5.d, 6.c, 7.b, 8.d, 9.b