Financial Inclusion | July 14, 2017

Fintech startups are disrupting Mexican financial services by banking the unbanked

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Financial technology, or fintech, startups offering digital payment, remittances and lending services, could capture 30% of Mexico’s banking market within 10 years, according to Finnovista, a fintech accelerator.

Six in 10 Mexicans are unbanked. Financial exclusion is a problem but “also an opportunity,” Francisco Meré, the director of Bankaool, one of the first online-only banks in Mexico, told the Financial Times[paywall]. “The cost of engaging a customer through technology is a fraction of using a branch.”

Clip has grown to become one of Mexico’s largest digital payment providers (Accion sold its stake in February). Kubo Financiero provides peer-to-peer lending; Albo, mobile-based banking; and Kueski, a digital micro-lender — all have secured venture backing.

More than 150 fintech, or financial technology, firms now operate in Mexico, giving Mexico 35% of fintech companies serving the under- and un-banked in Latin America.

Long lines, high fees and poor branch and cash machine coverage aren’t helping financial-services incumbents.