Beats | April 4, 2017

Fact-check tech is a thing, as startups tap the value of accurate information

Dennis Price
ImpactAlpha Editor

Dennis Price

From viral email and fake news to government propaganda, online media has a credibility problem.

Which means fact-check tech is taking its place alongside civictech and govtech as an increasingly investable market.

LazyTruth, for example, checks chain emails for inaccuracies.

Founder Matt Stempeck, who is director of civic technology for Microsoft, says there are opportunities across the fact-checking pipeline, including CivilServant, which crowdsources fact-checking; Claimbuster, which reduces fact-checking turnaround time; Checkdesk, which inhibits the sharing of misinformation; and CrossCheck, which boosts collaboration.

The Knight Foundation, along with the Democracy Fund and the Rita Allen Foundation, is looking to back other fact-checking solutions as well.

But if you want to apply, you better move fast: the deadline is today, April 3.

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