Total Impact Summit 2023

How are your investments currently impacting people, planet, and places? Investments are not simply financial maneuvers that return a profit, but consequential actions that shape the diverse and complex world we live in today – and are creating for future generations. Your investments have the opportunity to support thriving local communities, alter the course of climate change, or cultivate resilient local economies in the places you love. 

From catalytic capital into neighborhoods to ESG alignment in public equities portfolios, investors hold significant power to transform the nation’s most pressing challenges and impact communities across towns, cities, regions, and rural areas in the U.S. Total Impact Summit 2023: Investing for People, Planet, and Place is a two-day, dynamic event for individual investors, family offices, foundations, fund managers, and financial advisors to connect with aligned peers and partners, learn about proven and new investment tools, meet leaders of investable opportunities, and move toward action and investment.

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