Annual AVCA Conference 2023

The annual AVCA Conference and VC Summit is the largest Africa focused private capital gathering globally, attracting investors who collectively manage over US$1.5trn in assets.

Leveraging insights from the fluctuations we witnessed in Africa’s private capital industry over the last few years, the 19th Annual AVCA Conference & VC Summit in Cairo, Egypt, will focus on unlocking lasting, transformative change in Africa through private capital. Our objective for the conference is to think ambitiously about how private capital can build and contribute to a prosperous African future.

Throughout the week, our distinguished speakers and delegates will reflect on the past and connect the dots between opportunity, risk, returns and impact in Africa. We will explore the wins and pitfalls of investing in Africa, engage in practical dialogue on how managers have navigated challenges and realised success, and discuss systemic changes required to build sustainable growth in the industry.

For more information and to book tickets, follow this link.