16th EVPA Annual Conference

Turning ideas into impact! Combining the spirit of investing with the soul of philanthropy is what EVPA calls venture philanthropy, a modern and sustainable approach to combat today’s global challenges.

Do you want to discuss, co-create and network with hundreds of otherEuropean professionals in the impact field? Join us online on 21-24 September for the 16th EVPA Annual Conference!

During this virtual event, you can choose from over 50 interactive and creative sessions to discuss best practices to create more impact. This year’s theme is “Building Alliance for Impact” and here is a sample of some of the sessions you can attend:

  • The public sector in the investing for impact ecosystem: its unique roles & collaboration opportunities
  • The role of matching funds and syndication in financing social enterprises
  • Top-10 barriers for inclusive employment and entrepreneurship in a green economy
  • Designing a Mindfulness Impact Bond on anxiety in post-COVID’s uncertain times
  • Co- as Compassion and Then Co-Investment
  • Leveraging EU Funding for Social Finance Providers
  • Gender Equity and Venture Philanthropy

In addition, EVPA will celebrate Social Enterprise Day on Wednesday, 23 September. This is your chance to meet curated social innovators (Social Purpose Organisations), and pitch your fund or organisation.

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