Dealflow | June 28, 2017

Elemental Software raises £300,000 to link healthcare and community resources

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The U.K. company takes a “more than medicine” approach to health.

It launched last year with a solution to refer high-risk chronic disease patients to community health providers and social care professionals.

Most chronic diseases, like obesity, diabetes and heart disease, are closely linked to lifestyles. Combatting them is putting a growing strain on government and local resources and healthcare systems globally; for example, the U.K.’s National Health Service spends 7 of every 10 pounds on the treatment of chronic diseases.

Elemental Software is being used in a 28,000-person wellness trial in Northern Ireland, a maternal care pilot, and for diabetes risk management in Dubai.

Impact investing bank ClearlySo helped Elemental raised the funds from undisclosed investors.