2030 Finance | June 16, 2017

Drones, deals and tongue twisters: Take the Brief Quiz №19

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This week muppets sat around a table and heaped praise on their leader. Did you make better use of your time? Voici le Brief Quiz numero dix-neuf.

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1. What milestone did the Brief pass this week?

a. We broke even!
b. 100th issue
c. 5,000,000 twitter followers that are not Bots
d. First dismissive email comment by an investment world celeb

2. Complete the sentence: “When you say the words inequality and investment in the same sentence,…”:

a. “It’s hard not to laugh”
b. “People have a hard time reconciling them”
c. “People absolutely see the opportunity”
d. “Over and over again, it’s like a really cool tongue twister”

3.What did Apple issue?

a. A new iPhone with a 100% hacker proof IOS patch
b. A blanket apology to clients for abusing planned obsolescence
c. A blanket apology to supply chain workers for past, present and future misdeeds
d. A billion dollar green bond

4. What’s happening to 1 in 10 children worldwide?

a. They still work instead of learn
b. They actually pay attention in school
c. They’ve never seen a human being that wasn’t on the other side of a video screen
d. They’re showing signs of genetic mutation to some kind of fish, because rising sea levels

5. What vertical thing did Google’s venture fund GV invest in?

a. Server stacks
b. Buildings
c. Farms
d. Scrolling in gmail

6. Name one sector that needs more impact investing:

a. Oh come on, name one sector that doesn’t need more impact investing
b. My sector!
c. No,my sector!
d. Higher education — education overall only represents only 3% of impact AUM according to the GIIN

7. What would the 23 Fund do?

a. Invest in the world’s 23 poorest countries
b. Invest in chromosomes
c. Be better than the 22 Fund
d. But not as good as the 24 Fund, so why stop there?

8. But enough about useless logic. What’s Trump’s workplace education plan to boost skills and fill vacant jobs?

a. Apprenticeships
b. More tax credits
c. Updating The Art of the Deal
d. We’ll know when the Senate agrees to release the draft

9. Complete the sentence: “So many reports are coming out that look at impact measurement and reporting practices that ….”

a. It’s now super easy to do
b. There will be no shortage of tinder this winter
c. IR and reporting is now the highest cost center for impact investors
d. Most people don’t have time to read them

….And so we kept it short. See you next week!

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Answers: 1b (d was last week), 2b, 3d, 4a, 5c, 6d, 7a, 8a, 9d