Beats | August 11, 2017

Dear Friends of ImpactAlpha

The team at


The new ImpactAlpha is wrapping up its first season and gearing up for a breakthrough fall and new year. As we head into a two-week August recess, we wanted to thank you, for being readers, contributors, supporters and all-around FOIAs (Friends of ImpactAlpha).

We say ‘new’ because since the beginning of the year, ImpactAlpha has reached a new level of visibility and engagement. We are proud to have become the go-to news source and media outlet for impact investing’s early adopters and first movers — including you.

We think the success of The Brief, published daily since the beginning of the year; our gorgeous new site on; our increasingly popular Returns on Investment podcasts; and a slew of projects and partnerships have demonstrated the value of consistent coverage and independent media in making sense of an expanding, and sometimes unruly, marketplace. We have carved out a unique position as inside-outsiders and outside-insiders — the only independent media venture full-time on the impact beat.

We have always been clear that our growth is tied to the growth of the impact investing market. The step-change in impact investing is now evident around the world. As capital markets rotate toward social and environmental value, people are no longer just interested. They’re investing. As investors demand impact, a growing industry is demanding proof-points, stories — and a new narrative for the future.

The trillion dollar challenge. We are doubling down on the Sustainable Development Goals as a universal framework for impact investing. Supply, demand and urgency are converging on new approaches that truly can unlock trillions to meet 21st century challenges. Watch for our innovation hub, built in partnership with the UN Secretary-General’s office and institutional sponsors, tracking large-scale financial commitments and the development of “SDG finance.” We are focusing attention on 2030, the deadline for the global goals (and significant climate action) to emphasize long term thinking as the foundation for inclusive, sustainable prosperity.

Better data. This fall, we’re supporting the rollout of the Impact Investing Network Map, built by the Case Foundation and powered by ImpactAlpha’s database, ImpactSpace. The map is an informational tool for newcomers to impact investing, and useful for veterans as well. With the Case Foundation, we are promoting the #ShareYourData campaign, advancing the open-data approach we have championed from the get-go. The map already is drawing in more and better data to ImpactSpace from funds and ventures eager to “put impact investing on the map.”

New suite of products. And we’re taking our editorial leadership and content production to a new level. A weekly package will better highlight our original features. Special sections (with expert partners) will turn our thematic coverage of Climate Finance, Women Rising, Inclusive Prosperity and more into value-added knowledge products. We’re attracting more contributors like Mark Tercek, Nancy Pfund, Ross Baird, Amit Bouri, Fran Seegull, Kevin Jones, Ben Hecht and Suzanne Biegel, who already are sharing their perspectives and projects on ImpactAlpha. We’re producing compelling content across podcasts, video and events.

We are thankful for the catalytic support from old and new partners including the Hewlett, Packard, Heron and Case foundations, the New Venture Fund for Communications and the Liquidnet Impact Fund. We appreciate the sponsorship of industry leaders such as Wetherby Asset Management, Cornerstone Capital Group and Tideline.

This is our — all of our — time. As early adopters and first movers, you have made a bet on impact investing. We have too, for next season and beyond.

— David Bank, editor and CEO