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Convergence launches investor network to ease SDG investing

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Convergence launches investor network to ease SDG investing

Canadian nonprofit Convergence launched its long-awaited Investment Network this morning, promising to link private, public, and philanthropic investors with blended-finance opportunities in emerging markets.

Making blended-finance deals happen isn’t easy, says Peter Stoute-King, the investment network’s managing director, but such deals are key to closing the $2.5 trillion annual gap in funding needed to achieve the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals.

Convergence’s Investment Network has two parts: a deal database of projects and organizations looking for funding, and an investor database of accredited investors, foundations, and public institutions.

Organizations register for membership and once approved, can either browse the databases or signup for automatic matching. The site has approved 100 members so far.

Convergence is backed by the Government of Canada, Citi Foundation, and Ford Foundation.

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