Entrepreneurship | September 21, 2017

Closing the “missing middle” finance gap in Central America and the Caribbean

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Entrepreneurs in the region’s 20 countries struggle to access funds to start and grow businesses.

Three years ago, local leaders, investors and entrepreneurs organized a spinoff of the Latin America Impact Investing Forum. Impact initiatives in the region have begun to flourish.

Guatemala-based Pomona Impact is building an agriculture-startup ecosystem. Banco de America Central Nicaragua is at the center of an experiment to get capital in the hands of women entrepreneurs who lack collateral to secure loans. Kingo, based in Guatemala City, is raising significant sums of cash to expand off-grid solar energy products.

The forum will convene November 8–9 in Antigua, Guatemala for the third time. ImpactAlpha is again proud to be a media sponsor of FLII Central America and the Caribbean. Register now with code IMPACTALPHA_NETWORK_50 to receive a 50% discount.