Clarity Movement raises $9.6 million to help customers monitor and fix air pollution

ImpactAlpha Editor

Dennis Price

ImpactAlpha, Aug. 29 – Pollutants in the air are an escalating problem for health, climate and environmental justice.

City and state governments, school districts, mining companies, ports, sporting leagues and other entities deploy networks of the ‍Berkeley, Calif-based company’s “Clarity Nodes” to monitor and address air pollution. Thousands of the air quality sensors have been rolled out in London, Los Angeles, and more than 60 countries, including Singapore and the Philippines.

“We are keen to see Clarity’s technology empowering superior air quality monitoring: better data for better decisions from both the public and private sectors,” said Minette Navarrete, of Kickstart Ventures, the firm responsible for the Active Fund, which co-led Clarity’s $9.6 million round with Amasia.

Spero Ventures, SOSV’s HAX program, Launch Fund and The Climate Syndicate also participated.

The city of London worked with Clarity to inform air pollution and emission reduction policies. Los Angeles Unified School District has built a Clarity network to better prepare for rising wildfire smoke episodes. Quezon City in the Philippines partnered with the firm to expand air quality monitoring to vulnerable communities.