Beats | August 5, 2017

Cheap puns, terrible quotes, little regard for the truth: Brief Quiz №26 is all in

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Some folks have brief careers as Communications Directors. Some folks write the Brief Quiz. Not sure which is the better joke. Count your blessings, watch your language, and take the Brief Quiz №26.

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1. The GIIN has a question. What is it?

a. What’s for dinner?
b. Did you report all your meetings with foreign government representatives?
c. What will impact investing look like in 2030?
d. Lemon wedge or orange bitters?

2. Complete this quote from the CEO of a large Latin American women’s organization: “Men can be…”:

a. Jerks, and need to be more self-aware.
b. Messy, and need to learn to clean up behind them.
c. Whatever they want to be, if you let them.
d. Role models, key allies and activists, and have a powerful role in shaping the future generation.

3. A forthcoming book, “In the Shadows of the American Century: The Rise and Decline of US Global Power,” claims what?

a. America’s technology and natural resources will make it the world’s leading power for centuries to come.
b. America will be eclipsed by China, economically and militarily, by 2030.
c. Things are puttering along. Why are you bothering me?
d. America’s preeminence peaked with Season 3 of The Wire. It’s been downhill ever since.

4. For the majority of Americans, according to the author of the same book, “the 2020s will likely be remembered as…”

a. The second Jazz Age.
b. One big long Snap video sequence. The sequence with the rhino chasing the dingo will be yu-u-uge.
c. A demoralizing decade of rising prices, stagnant wages, and fading international competitiveness.
d. The Impact Decade: when capitalism finally finds a progressive purpose.

5. What’s the Great Green Wall?

a. China vertical gardens on the Great Wall to regulate climate.
b. The turnoff to the supermarket.
c. America’s wicked plan to keep Martians away.
d. A 4,000 mile greenbelt to maintain African farmland.

6. How are Priscilla & Mark investing their social change billions?

a. Safe: all deposited in FDIC insured community bank CDs across the US.
b. All in: into Mark’s 2020 campaign.
c. Strategic: lending money to the Fed to prop up the dollar.
d. Futuristic: saving the world’s AI bots one processor at a time.

7. Unitus Impact changed its name. To what?

a. Unitus against evil.
b. or Dividus in crime.
c. Patamar Capital.
d. Pat-a-cake, pat-a-cake, baker’s man.

8. What kind of food is Impossible Food?

a. Food that’s so bad you can’t actually eat it.
b. Food that most people can’t afford.
c. Food that doesn’t even exist.
d. Meatless burgers.

9. What share of last year’s $60 billion VC investments went to women-run companies?

a. 2%.
b. I.
c. Can’t.
d. Even.

All done — you can breathe again. Enjoy a paraben- and phtalate-free world, if you can.

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Answers: 1c, 2d, 3b, 4c but maybe it’s not too late to change course?, 5d, 6 none of these, 7b, 8d, 9a and the rest simply follows.