2030 Finance | July 16, 2018

Carbon capture venture Inventys raises $11 million

Jessica Pothering
ImpactAlpha Editor

Jessica Pothering

ImpactAlpha, July 15 – Whether or not climate change objectives should include carbon capture—that is, removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere—is a controversial topic. But leading climate scientists have been advocating for technologies that catch CO2 emissions from the source. “We need to remove huge amounts of carbon dioxide—billions of tons per year—to meet these goals because we have repeatedly delayed our decarbonization efforts,” University of Leeds’ Jan Minx and University of Wisconsin’s Gregory Nemet’s wrote recently.

  • Carbon capture innovation. Inventys is a Vancouver, Canada-based company is developing  modular carbon capture systems for high-emitting sectors, like cement and steel plants, as well as low-emission gas power plants.
  • Funding round. The company has raised an $11 million Series C round led by OGCI Climate Investments—a billion dollar clean tech fund—with backing from The Roda Gorup and Chevron’s venture arm, Chevron Technology Ventures, both of which supported Inventys’ prior funding rounds.
  • Demonstration phase. The capital will be used to finance a demonstration plant with Canadian oil and gas company, Husky Energy. The plant will be able to capture 30 metric tons of CO2 per day, based on current specifications.