Bryce Roberts and Tim O’Reilly: VCs that help startups raise revenues, not rounds

  • New Revivalists: Bryce Roberts and Tim O’Reilly, co-founders,
  • Place: San Francisco Bay Area
  • The approach: “It’s not how fast you grow, but can you grow sustainably. This focus on operating businesses that make early revenue is a really fresh idea in Silicon Valley. But it’s a really old idea in the real world.”

Arlan Hamilton: The VC taking cold calls from underestimated entrepreneurs

  • New Revivalist: Arlan Hamilton, founder and managing partner, Backstage Capital, a $5 million venture capital firm.
  • Place: Los Angeles, California
  • Mission: Hamilton left the music industry to launch a venture capital firm to invest in high-potential entrepreneurs who are of color, women and/or LGBT — Hamilton identifies as all three.