North to the Future: ‘Arctic tech’ entrepreneurs help Alaska adapt to climate change

Alaska’s supply chain was precarious even before melting permafrost and Arctic ice put the state on the front lines of climate change. The state’s vast scale—bigger than Texas, California, and Montana combined—has long presented unique challenges in delivering food, energy and vital services to remote regions sometimes only accessible by seaplane or dog sled. All

Bryce Roberts and Tim O’Reilly: VCs that help startups raise revenues, not rounds

  • New Revivalists: Bryce Roberts and Tim O’Reilly, co-founders,
  • Place: San Francisco Bay Area
  • The approach: “It’s not how fast you grow, but can you grow sustainably. This focus on operating businesses that make early revenue is a really fresh idea in Silicon Valley. But it’s a really old idea in the real world.”

Arlan Hamilton: The VC taking cold calls from underestimated entrepreneurs

  • New Revivalist: Arlan Hamilton, founder and managing partner, Backstage Capital, a $5 million venture capital firm.
  • Place: Los Angeles, California
  • Mission: Hamilton left the music industry to launch a venture capital firm to invest in high-potential entrepreneurs who are of color, women and/or LGBT — Hamilton identifies as all three.