Beats | May 24, 2017

Are you down with the SDGs?

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Our host, Brian Walsh of Liquidnet, served me up a softball pop-culture reference to kick off our latest Returns on Investment podcast. Which I, typically, completely muffed.

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ImpactAlpha regulars know we are indeed down with the SDGs. Perhaps to a fault, if they weren’t so damn important. Officially known as the Sustainable Development Goals, we prefer to call them, simply, the 2030 global goals.” The 2030 deadline for the SDGs is why we frame up long-term risks and opportunities with a daily #2030 feature in our Brief.

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It’s not just that the 17 goals provide a universal framework that investors — from European pension funds to Silicon Valley venture funds — are increasingly using to guide their investments.

And it’s not even just that fulfilling the goals — a $4 or $5 trillion annual commitment–stands to reshape the financial markets themselves, as global capital gets aligned with global opportunities for sustainable prosperity.

It’s that the global adoption and execution on a shared set of aspirational intentions is itself an antidote to retrenchment and division and cynicism. By creating a center of gravity for a better world by 2030, the global goals sustain the collective imagination that we might actually get there.

Even Imogen Rose-Smith, senior writer for Institutional Investor magazine, is down with the …. just don’t call them SDGs. Listen in to our lively podcast.

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