2030 Finance | September 22, 2017

An index to investable climate-change solutions

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Look to China and India to step up as major climate-change mitigation players. Cuba, Nigeria and Bangladesh top a list of high-potential, if nascent and risky markets for clean energy investments.

A new index from Morgan Stanley’s Institute for Sustainable Investing aims to help investors identify opportunities to invest in technologies that support climate change mitigation in 20 countries.

Growing energy demand, environmental concerns and falling prices are combining to make clean energy investments attractive in both emerging and developed markets, but innovation is increasingly coming from outside of developed economies.

The index and an accompanying report suggest growth opportunities can be found in the substitution of clean for dirty infrastructure, green buildings and low-carbon solutions in agriculture, the source of 13% of global greenhouse gas emissions.

Investors can use the index to sort climate-mitigation opportunities by country, stage, and sector.