Dealflow | October 4, 2017

ADAP Capital to make deals in real-time at SOCAP

The team at


ADAP Capital will make deals in real-time at SOCAP.

The company, whose name stands for “a different approach to poverty,” is planning to invest $75,000 each in several social enterprises following pitch presentations at the Social Capital Markets conference Oct. 10–13.

“Meet entrepreneurs on Tuesday, invested by Friday. Focusing on what matters. Getting stuff done,” ADAP’s Andy Lower told ImpactAlpha. Lower, who is trying to address the “severe lack of seed funding,” is known for his four-hour due diligence review.

In addition to a check, the winners will get legal services from Westaway law firm. “Rather than bemoan the ‘lack of dealflow’ as most impact investors do, ADAP Capital is doing something about it,” says Kyle Westaway. Applications are open.

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