Beats | November 19, 2015

Threshold Group Recruits Toniic’s Stephanie Cohn Rupp to Direct Impact Investments

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Impact investing talent is in demand as family offices and wealth advisors build teams to respond to their clients’ demand for impactful investment opportunities.

The latest hire:  Stephanie Cohn Rupp, who will become director of impact investing for Threshold Group, a $3 billion multi-family office with offices in Seattle, Philadelphia and Gig Harbor, Wash. Rupp is stepping down as CEO of Toniic, the network of high-net-worth impact investors.

Threshold says approximately a third of its assets, or roughly $1 billion, are now controlled for clients seeking to align their investments with their values. The firm was founded in 1999 by the Russell family, best known for George Russell’s creation of Russell 3000 and Russell 2000 market indexes.

Rupp spent three years as head of Toniic, a network of more than 200 high-net-worth individuals, family offices, foundations, and institutions in 26 countries, representing $4.5 billion in assets. Alison Fort will serve as Toniic’s acting CEO as of January 1st, as board chair Lisa Kleissner leads a search for new CEO.

“We need to build the sector of impact investing through a new class of professionals, who understand the need for rigor and achieving a triple bottom line and aligning integrity and values with their work,” said Rupp in a statement. Prior to Toniic, Rupp managed a $70 million investment and grant portfolio at Omidyar Network, focusing on property rights and microfinance in the US, Europe, South Asia, West Africa and Latin America.