Knight Foundation: No performance difference between diverse asset managers and their peers

Over the last decade the Knight Foundation has moved 22.5 percent of its endowment, or $472 million, to management by women- and minority-owned firms. Now, Knight is sharing what it has learned in a new study. “There is no legitimate reason not to invest with diverse asset managers in the 21st century,” said Knight’s Alberto Ibargüen. The

And then there were 73…Echoing Green finalists

Take a peek at the list of 73 finalists for 2017 Echoing Green fellowships, and takeaways from a review of all 2,879 applicants, 44 percent of them women. One trend: a heightened focus on civil and human rights, especially for refugees and immigrants. Winners will be announced in June. This post originally appeared in ImpactAlpha’s daily

New ESG products showcase sustainability in Latin America and…the future

IndexAmericas, a new benchmark from the Inter-American Development Bank and S-Network, was released yesterday in Buenos Aires. Formally named the IDB-IIC Latin America Corporate Sustainability Index, it recognizes companies in Latin America and the Caribbean based on performance against 172 environmental, social and governance indicators selected by the IDB, including 15 specific to the region.

And a Skoll Award goes to…Babban Gona, for boosting incomes of Nigerian farmers

And a Skoll Award goes to…Kola Masha of Babban Gona, for boosting incomes of Nigerian farmers. The six-year-old agriculture startup is the first for-profit company to receive a Skoll Award for Social Entrepreneurship, which were announced ahead of next week’s Skoll World Forum in Oxford, England. Based in Lagos, Babban Gona has helped more than

Australia’s first Gender Equality Bond raises $384 million for ‘employers of choice’

Australia’s first Gender Equality Bond has raised $384 million for ‘employers of choice.’ Funds raised from the National Australia Bank’s five-year gender equality bonds will be used to “refinance loans made to a portfolio of businesses” that are recognized by the Australian government for their commitment to boosting female leadership and closing the gender pay gap.

Follow the people: J.D. Vance to Revolution, Nick O’Donohoe to CDC

J.D. Vance has joined AOL founder Steve Case’s billion-dollar Revolution LLC to invest in companies in U.S. states that attract little venture capital. Vance is the author of “Hillbilly Elegy,” a look at the economic and cultural plight of America’s white working class. The former marine and Yale Law School graduate just moved back to

Five Key Themes and Some Takeaways from ImpactAssets’ Investment Roundtables

Leaders from Cornerstone Capital, Gitterman Wealth Management, Imprint Capital (Goldman Sachs), CTC/MyCFO, Rockefeller Foundation, Wetherby Asset Management, UBS, Veris Wealth Partners and other organizations joined ImpactAssets in early 2017 for roundtable discussions in New York City and San Francisco. Ron Cordes, co-founder of the Cordes Foundation and co-founder of ImpactAssets, facilitated the dialogue among more