Action trumps politics on climate

One of the delicious tidbits to emerge from the infighting in the Trump administration is the codename Steve Bannon’s nationalists use to refer to the leader of the globalist wing, National Economic Council chief Gary Cohn: CTC, for “Carbon Tax Cohn.” The factions are expected to go at it today, in a White House meeting

There is evidence about the results of social programs – and we need more

“There’s no demonstrable evidence they’re actually helping results,” President Trump’s budget director, Mick Mulvaney said in proposing budget cuts to afterschool programs and Meals on Wheels. In fact, there’s ample evidence of the results of those programs and many others, argue Nonprofit Finance Fund’s Antony Bugg-Levine and Independent Sector’s Dan Cardinali. In Los Angeles, supportive

The Path Forward for Impact Investing in the Trump Presidency

How will impact investing fare in the Trump administration? I’m not the first, and undoubtedly won’t be the last, to write about this. Erika Karp at Cornerstone Capital wrote a letter to her investors after the 2016 election and Stephanie Cohn Rupp and Ron Albahary penned a thoughtful and tactical piece last December on the

Tallying the 2030 costs – in dollars and lives – of Trump’s retreat from clean power

The president’s executive order last week directing the reversal of the Obama administration’s Clean Power Plan, may well cost the U.S. more clean-energy employment than any coal-mining jobs it restores. But even more worrisome may be the lives lost from the continued burning of coal. The Clean Power Plan, a set of rules that would

After the Women’s March: Make the Most of Where You Shop, Save and Invest

We marched. We came together in cities across the globe to protest the inauguration of a president who does not embody the values we espouse. So many of us marched, it was the largest recorded protest in U.S. history. There were so many thoughtful messages and humorous signs, and many different issues to embrace and hold

Putting a Price on Carbon: Climate Action in the Age of Trump (podcast)

Zero: the number of questions about global warming and climate change asked of presidential candidates during the 2016 campaign debates. Yet, as such august analysts as the writers of Saturday Night Live understand, the future of fossil fuels has emerged as the incoming Trump administration’s biggest preoccupation, and likely a major driver of Russia’s intervention

Is Impact Investing Ready for the Trump Era? (Podcast)

Boy, were we wrong. First, we devoted a whole Returns on Investment podcast to the future of impact investing under President Hillary Rodham Clinton. Then, we did a follow-up that still held out hope that President-elect Trump might soften his hardline position against urgent action on climate change. The latest podcast was recorded before Trump