Recognizing the Collective Value of Individual Efforts to Drive Social Impact

How do we know if our efforts to make the world a better place are really working? What approaches are most effective for alleviating poverty, combating environmental degradation, or empowering women economically? Where can our investments have the most impact—and why? To start to answer those questions, imagine a remote village in Africa, India, or

New from NextBillion: Nine Stories Making Headlines in Social Business This Summer

You wouldn’t know we’re in the dog days of summer from the past month in social business. NextBillion’s editors sample some of the many developments that have captured their attention in recent weeks – from emerging technologies and new partnerships to intensifying debates. 1. Irresponsible Exit?  Back in November 2015, the pioneering, non-profit microfinance network

To Harness Silicon Valley for Global Development, First Change its Attitudes

On my way to the second morning of the 2016 Global Entrepreneurship Summit recently, I took an Uber. Originally from Bolivia, my driver had fully embraced Silicon Valley-centricity. As we were discussing Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, who was scheduled to speak at the Summit, he looked in the rearview mirror and earnestly asked me, “Can you imagine

Cathy Clark: Bridging the Pioneer Gap Between Good Idea and Investable Deal (Podcast)

You’ve heard it from impact investors: there just aren’t enough investable deals. And you’ve heard it from impact entrepreneurs: where’s the capital we need to get our business off the ground? In this Returns on Investment podcast from ImpactAlpha, Cathy Clark, director of Duke University’s Case Initiative on Impact Investing (Case i3), says the key to bridging

Net Gain: Bureo Collects Fishing Nets, Creates Skateboards, Fights Pollution

Ben Kneppers paused as he strolled around a music festival in Santiago, Chile. In front of him was a booth where local kids could repair damaged skateboards, making them ride-able again rather than throwing them away. Kneppers, an environmental consultant originally from Massachusetts, was impressed by the project. And as an avid boarder himself, he admired

ImpactSpace Fellowship Program

The ImpactSpace Fellowship is celebrating its second year! Applications for next year’s cohorts are now open. The fellowship, which lasts three to six months, is designed to help fellows explore the latest developments and trends in impact investing, with an eye to study or research specific topics. Material produced may also be published on our website. We offer

Sweet Deal: How One Company Found a New Way to Support Cacao Farmers

Improving the productivity and livelihoods of the more than 2.5 billion farmers around the world should be one of the biggest impact investment opportunities around. Yet, small-scale agriculture businesses, with their seasonal revenues and volatile prices, have generally been seen as too risky and troublesome for equity impact investors. Maya Mountain Cacao launched in Belize