#Dealflow 10.5.16: SIBs, DIBs and HIBs for Connecticut Addicts, Mideast Youths and Conflict Refugees

Proponents of pay-for-success financing structures are laying the groundwork to pioneer the tool in as-yet untested social issues, like drug addiction recovery and the refugee crisis. Social impact bonds (SIBs) have now been joined by development impact bonds (DIBs) and even humanitarian impact bonds (HIBs). Commercial investors, such as French bank BNP Paribas, are starting to

ImpactAlpha’s #DealFlow 2.18.16: Jana’s Free Internet Raises $57 Million

This week in impact investing: mobile ad platform Jana raises $57 million to expand free internet services; Social Finance launches a South Carolina social impact bond for mothers and children; a fund in the UK offers tax relief along with an expected 8 percent return; and more! Jana raises $57 million to expand free internet

‘Construction Loans’ Fund Pre-Development of Pay-for-Success Deals

Experimentation and social change go hand in hand. At a time when government resources are constrained, we need to experiment with new approaches to finance and scale promising social programs. At Living Cities, we are exploring new ways to unlock private capital for social good, harnessing the collective power of 22 of the world’s largest

DealFlow: ImpactAlpha’s Weekly Roundup of Investments, Raises and Exits

What, where, when and how impact capital flowed this week...See more impact deals in ImpactAlpha’s DealFlow section. Send your dealflow news to info@dev.impactalpha.com. Latino small businesses get a boost. The Surdna Foundation is boosting its support for Latino small businesses with a $2 million program-related investment, along with grant support. The investment is intended to accelerate lending among Latino-led

UK Youth Employment Social Impact Bond Hits Payout Milestones

Investors who backed a  pay-for-success program in London have been alerted that the “success” part has panned out. The “social impact bond,” or SIB, raised £900,000 ($1.4 million) to boost at-risk youth employment. It was backed by UK’s Department for Work and Pensions. Now that the program has met its outcomes targets required, the agency