Cathy Clark: Bridging the Pioneer Gap Between Good Idea and Investable Deal (Podcast)

You’ve heard it from impact investors: there just aren’t enough investable deals. And you’ve heard it from impact entrepreneurs: where’s the capital we need to get our business off the ground? In this Returns on Investment podcast from ImpactAlpha, Cathy Clark, director of Duke University’s Case Initiative on Impact Investing (Case i3), says the key to bridging

Investing in Impact Investors: Capria Accelerator to Seed First-Time Fund Managers

First-time fund managers have a hard time raising capital in any area of private equity. Add in low-income customers, challenging frontier markets and a requirement for demonstrable social impact and first-time social-impact fund managers face even greater obstacles. Yet without the ability to raise their first funds, even the sharpest impact fund managers won’t be

Sankalp Q&A: Unitus Seeks to Launch Seed Funds Around the World

Most of the thousands of investors and entrepreneurs descending on New Delhi this week for the Sankalp Global Summit are looking to beat out their competitors. Dave Richards and Will Poole, managing directors of Unitus Seed Fund, are looking to create more competition for themselves, by seeding additional funds like their own. Fresh off their success

Unitus Seed Fund: Seeding Startups at the Base of India’s Pyramid

A team of technology veterans has raised $8 million for one of the first funds making early-stage investments in companies meeting the basic needs of low-income customers at the base of India’s economic pyramid. The commitments, including from billionaire venture capitalist Vinod Khosla, will launch the Unitus Seed Fund, which is looking for startups providing