Go local and global for climate investment opportunities — Cornerstone Capital

Looming federal climate policy changes got you down? Look for clean power opportunities at the state and municipal level, as well as internationally, as generation costs fall, says Cornerstone Capital, the New York-based financial services firm. A possible growth area under President Trump: water infrastructure and improved resource efficiency. Photo credit: FuelCell Energy Solutions

Give me your tired, your poor, your…women

Women make up just under half of global emigrants, but may have a larger social and economic impact than men. Women remit more of their income home, and model improved gender dynamics in their home countries. Overcoming higher barriers to emigration than men may also be a marker of their potential, which suggests “host” countries

Supply and Demand: New Impact Investing Products Help Investors Go “All In”

The supply of impact investments is catching up to investor demand. The experiences of members of Toniic, an impact investing network, suggests impact investors are moving beyond private equity and creating portfolios diversified by asset class similar to traditional asset allocation. The message of a new report on their performance: full portfolio alignment with impact is possible

ImPact Primer: Can You Drive Impact Through Public Equity Investing? Here’s How

The ImPact, a new investor network aiming to normalize impact investing among the world’s wealthiest families, tackles public equities, an often overlooked asset class in impact investing, in the second primer in its asset class series. Generating direct impact through investments in public equities is difficult, because companies have so many other potential sources of capital. Still, investors

Seizing the Momentum: ‘But For’ These Foundations, Less Impact in Investing

Baltimore, Md. –  There’s a tendency for some hardcore finance types to look down their noses at philanthropic foundations. Soft-headed. Concessionary. Anti-business. It may be time for a new view: Pioneering. Catalytic. Risk-taking. And in the nascent market for investments that generate financial returns through the creation of social and environmental benefits, perhaps essential. In the